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This site contains pages about mathematics and Intel microprocessors assembly language.

Here you will find things that I like. I hope that you like them too.

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Electronics: Intel Microprocessors (in Spanish).

Mathematics: calculators, number theory and problems.

Programs: Assembler 80386, Web applications and games.

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Current development

The author of this Web site is converting the Java applets to HTML5 applications. These applets, which implement calculators and graphics such as Ulam's spiral and Gaussian primes, are not working on several navigators and they have never worked on mobile devices. Up to this moment there are 12 applets out of 13 converted to HTML5. The last one is the million-digit scientific calculator.

Integer quadratic equations

Quadratic two integer variable equation solver

Solves quadratic Diophantine equations (integer equations of the form a x^2 + b xy + c y^2 + dx + ey + f = 0). Now it includes the source code.

Ulam's Spiral

Ulam's spiral

HTML5 application featuring a graphical view of prime numbers.

Factorization using the Elliptic Curve Method (ECM)

Applet that can be used to find 20- or 30-digit factors of numbers or numerical expressions up to 1000 digits long. It also computes the number and sum of divisors, Euler's totient and Moebius, and its decomposition as a sum of up to 4 perfect squares.

Discrete logarithm calculator

HTML5 application that finds the exponent in the expression BaseExponent = Power (mod Modulus).